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Restaurants Affected by the Oil Spill Can Still Get Their Full BP Settlement

On April 20, 2010 Deepwater Horizon, a BP managed drilling rig in the Gulf of Mexico, exploded in a fiery inferno which, over the course of several months, resulted in the largest oil spill in American history. The oil spill affected nearly every industry in the area, particularly restaurants and those in the food service industry.

As a direct result of the BP oil spill restaurants were hit with a double whammy. The first came from the lack of seafood due to fishing restrictions and fears of contamination. The second, and more significant impact, came from a drop in tourism. The consequence was that thousands of once successful restaurants were driven out of business or saw their revenues cut in half. It is going to take time for Gulf restaurants to get back to their pre-oil spill levels, but one way to see it happen faster is by making sure your BP claims for restaurants has the best chance of being paid quickly and in full. The best way to do that is by working with a powerful team of damage assessors, accountants, attorneys and other professionals who have the knowledge and experience to challenge BP and make sure you get your full compensation. Contact us to find out how the right team can do all that and more for your BP Claim.

We Are Only Now Beginning to Understand the Full Effect of the Oil Spill on the Economy

The oil spill has been an unspeakable ordeal for many restaurants that rely on the reputation of their seafood to bring in clients. Small business owners have seen their livelihood and their life's work badly damaged due to the huge oil spill under the Gulf of Mexico. Because of this, hundreds of thousands of businesses have decided to file BP claims with the GCCF which is now closed; restaurants and food service companies are a large percentage of those claims. Unfortunately, BP, who promised the victims of the oil spill to pay their rightful claims, has been working hard to avoid paying claims. Restaurants in particular seem to be claims BP likes to reject. When BP passed off the claims process to Ken Feinberg and the Gulf Coast Claims Facility there were hopes that an independent organization would result in a faster and more transparent process. Unfortunately, the GCCF had been shown to be neither transparent nor independent of BP. The GCCF's response had been to constantly change its claims criteria, frustrating those who simply wanted to receive compensation for their losses. Luckily, the GCCF is now closed, and a new court monitored agency is overseeing the release of $7.8 billion.

With the constant rule changing from the GCCF, restaurant BP claims had become more and more complex to process. This was especially true when someone was trying to calculate future projected losses. The new BP settlement agency is now much more transparent and the process runs more smoothly. For the restaurateur who must make a claim, it is a good idea to seek the advice of experts who have a track record of processing BP claims, particularly restaurant BP claims.

With the summer of 2011 behind us, it is only now that we can start to understand and measure the economic toll the oil spill had on the Gulf. Now is the perfect time to file or re-file your BP claim. With our team of lawyers, accountants, assessors, and other professionals with extensive experience in handling restaurant claims, you can rest easy knowing that you will get every dollar of your BP Claim. Contact us to find out more.

Florida Restaurants Do Have Claims and Should Not Believe Otherwise

"Members of the Florida Restaurant and Lodging Association who have filed claims through BP have seen little to no relief," said FRLA President and CEO Carol Dover. "Many of our members are under the false impression they do not have a legitimate claim, when in fact they do. We believe our members need to be completely informed about filing a claim for economic recovery dollars," said Dover, who also serves on the Governor's Economic Impact Assessment Working Group and the Gulf Oil Spill Economic Recovery Task Force.

Many restaurants all around the Gulf have a legitimate claim and they need to be informed about what their options are. We are here to help by giving information to help you file your BP Claim, and if you are interested, we can connect you with a powerful legal team that can validate and push your BP claim though the new BP settlement agency. For more information contact us.

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